Staples High School Wrestling Team

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The Staples Mat Men Club is a 501 (c)(3) charitable corporation founded by parents to support and promote the wrestling program at Staples High School.

The Mat Men Club provides the funds necessary to run a successful wrestling program but are otherwise unavailable through the Staples Athletic Department budget. 

Significant funds have been raised in the past to purchase equipment (mats, timers, uniforms, etc.), rent busses, etc.

The Mat Men encourage all parents to become actively involved in their wrestler's experience while at Staples by attending wrestling matches, special events, participating in fundraising activities and donating to the Mat Men Club. 

The Mat Men encourage any interested parents to come forward with fundraising ideas.

Wrestling is not a revenue-producing sport; funds are always needed and appreciated.

Please make tax-deductible donations to "STAPLES WRESTLING"